Agro Ecology value chain development and market facilitation


Value chain analysis and development proposal submission


 Production Chain Development
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Designing Food and nutrition security interventions
  • Market garden development
  • Producer group strengthening
  • Collective Production chain development
  • Climate change adaptation technology dissemination


 Supply Chain Development
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Entrepreneurship capacity assessments and development
  • Certification, accreditation and registration facilitation
  • Product development, value addition, processing, packaging, branding and handling


 Agro-ecology Market development
  • Market strategy development
  • Consumer surveys and promotional campaign designing and advertising
  • Collective community business forum mentoring and facilitation towards Social Enterprise business models
  • Public, private and non-profit Partnership negotiation and facilitation for agro-ecology market development
  • High value market linkages and facilitation
  • E-marketing (Web sites and face book pages) designing and management
  • Promotional and learning material designing


Social Enterprise Incubation  


Identify Local producers and develop their capacity to ensure effective production chain
  • Potential social enterprise assessment and feasibility studies
  • Social entrepreneurship development with communities
  • Technical capacity building for identified social enterprises
  • Facilitating enabling environment with linkages
  • Leverage of capacities to access higher level in value chain


Supply chain analysis and developing supply chains
  • Identify the gaps and challenges in the supply chain
  • Develop strategies to develop the supply chain
  • Identify potential markets and develop customized products to develop markets


Market Promotion and development
  • Identify the gaps and challenges in the market
  • Develop market strategies appropriate for the identified enterprise
  • Link markets and producers to develop fair profit-sharing systems


Eco-Tourism and Exposal Visits


Promoting the unprecedented areas with recreational values
  • Identify areas hold a long history and still not being paid attention by the tourists
  • Identify areas of archeological and prehistoric value


Promoting indigenous and traditional medicine
  • Confrontation of unpopular indigenous doctors (Homeopathy and aqua punch treatments)


Promoting eco-friendly farming systems where  food sovereignty has asserted and different agricultural practices are followed


Promoting different forest covering in different climatic zones
Promoting different experiences with hiking and adventure trips
Organizing, Coordinating and facilitating for Studies, Exposure and Educational visits to Sri Lanka
The areas of exposer are;
  • Waste and waste water Management
  • Environmental conservation and Climate change adaptation processes in Sri Lanka
  • Protection of Human and Environmental Rights
  • Promotion of Agro-ecology
  • Forest gardening and Bio diversity Conservation
  • Ecological farmer marketing


DME; Institutional Capacity Building and Project Delivery Facilitation


Development Projects and Program Design Facility
  • Context and problem analysis reports
  • Facilitating development Project and program designing with log frame approach
  • Tapping development calls in international agencies and facilitate CSOs for applying


Project implementation and delivery Facility
  • Technical support for agro-ecological project implementation
  • Mobilization and awareness as per the project requirements and indicators


Project Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning Facility
  • Conducting base line surveys
  • Facilitate Project reviews, learning events and produce progress reports
  • Produce case studies, photo essays, documentaries, paper articles, promotional materials
  • Produce organizational profiles, web pages, face book pages, dockets.


Advocacy And Legal Facilitation  


Notary and Company Secretariat works
  • Deeds and Agreement and company registration


Advocacy on Environmental Law
  • Conducting awareness raising in environmental law


Facilitation for Litigation
  • Facilitation for PIL
  • Facilitation for Legal Consultations